A Bear Is Chasing A Squirrel In The Woods...

March 24, 2017

A bear is chasing a squirrel in the woods.

They cross a river when, all of a sudden, the river genie appears.

Genie: "Well, alright. Two customers. I don't know who triggered this whole thing, so lemme give you both 3 wishes. Bear, you start, since you're bigger."

Bear thinks for a moment. He smiles: "Ok, I want all the other bears in this forest to be females."

Genie grants the wish, turns to squirrel. Squirrel thinks. He looks up to the genie: "I want a motorcycle."

Bear shakes his head: "Squirrel, you don't know how to wish."

Genie then asked the bear for his second wish.

Bear responds: "All right, I want all the other bears in the COUNTRY to be females." Genie grants the wish.

Genie turns to squirrel: "How about it?" Squirrel responds: "Gimme a motorcycle helmet."

Bear shakes his head again. "What's wrong with you?" Genie then turns once more to bear and asked for final wish. "You know what? I want all the other bears in the WORLD to be female."

Genie grants the wish, then turns to squirrel.

Squirrel grabs his helmet, puts it on. He then walks to the motorcycle, gets on it. He starts it, runs the engine a little.

As he rides away, not looking back, he yells: "I WANT THE BEAR TO BE GAY!"

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