I Just Got A Sale On Etsy!

By Erin • September 17, 2014

A few years ago I lost my first and only ever full time job in mental health due to budget cuts. I loved that job and was very close to all of my clients and coworkers. Even with the high stress of the job working directly with adults with mental illnesses, I loved everyone there.

After we shut down, I became depressed for several months so I took up a hobby. With the help of my husband, last year, we started a business. Shortly after, I started selling my goods at local farmers markets and did well for my first year. I opened an Etsy shop with high hopes but only made a few small sales.

This past summer, I've expanded tremendously what I have to offer selling locally and got a great response. I had to close my Etsy shop because I was selling out and in the past month or so finally had the time to revamp my shop with better pictures and all of my new stuff.

Today I got a decent size order on Etsy and am feeling so proud of myself. Writing this in length makes me realize even more how far I have come. Thanks for listening and I hope you find a way to make yourself proud today!


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