A Tribute To My Grandmother

By Tiki • September 2, 2014

Out of anyone in my life, my grandmother is by far the one person who is always thinking about other people instead of herself.

I come from a semi-Americanized Korean family and we pay tons of respect to our elders, but as the years go by, my grandparents haven't been getting as much recognition from the younger generations. It kind of makes me sad.

My grandmother doesn't come off as the "sweet" type. I'll admit that she nags. She nags a lot and complains about the old days rather than smiling and baking cookies for people. I actually don't mind the nagging from her because I know she's just doing it out of love and wants people to understand where she's coming from as well.

Three weeks ago, I was working on a small sewing project and my grandparents happened to be over. (I've dabbled a bit in sewing from time to time for about 10 years now and my grandma was the one who first showed me how to thread a machine and some other basics.) So anyway, I asked my grandma for some help on my sewing project and she made a comment on how the thread I was using was too cheap, meaning it would break easily. I honestly didn't see it as a big deal since I wasn't sewing anything that serious, so I just shrugged it off.

Fast forward to last night when I came home really late after work, exhausted and grumpy. My grandparents were also staying over for the night. There on my desk were two brand new spools of thread. My grandma had gone out of her way to buy quality materials so that I could continue sewing.

It was then that I realized how selfless and thoughtful she really was/is as a person. My grandmother is the only person that would care so much as to remember the tiniest things like this for weeks and makes sure you are taken care of. She remembers every family member's favorite dish, makes it and brings it to our houses. Keep in mind that I told you she comes off as a grumpy person so at first glance you wouldn't know how kind and thoughtful she really is.

It is incredibly touching to know that I have someone like this in my life. Someone who DOES think of me. I love my grandma and the day she passes away will be one of the most difficult times in my life.


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