Look A Little Deeper

By Joseph J. Mazzella • September 2, 2014

It was the middle of August and I was looking out on the first red leaves as Summer gave way to Fall here in the mountains of my home. I knew that soon the forests would be awash in glorious colors painted by God's own hand. The yellow leaves would be shining like the sun above them. The golds would be gleaming like priceless jewels. The reds would be radiating joy to everyone who gazed upon them. The oranges would be blessing us with their beauty. The browns would be bringing us their earthy peace and wonderful smell. The burgundies would be hinting at the happiness all around us. And the wonderful combination leaves would be reminding us again of just how spectacular life can be.

As I gazed at my own reflection in the window I only wished that people could grow more colorful and beautiful as we aged too. At first my thinning, silver hair, sagging skin, and wrinkles all seemed to say no to this, but as I looked longer I began to think that maybe we could. As I saw the sparkle in my own eyes and light in my own smile I realized that perhaps God was just asking us all to look a little deeper beyond the surface and into our souls.

As I remembered all the people I knew in the last years of their lives almost all of them had a beautiful Autumn spirit about them. My Mom's loving, joyous nature shone brighter than a forest of red and yellow Maples. My neighbor Kai had a golden goodness in her heart that touched the lives of everyone she met. My Nana and Dad were both as sturdy and earthy as Oak trees and they freely shared their peace and happiness with the world.

The next time that you look at your own self then, look a little deeper. Look beyond your face, clothes and body. Look into your heart and soul. See the love that is there, thank God for it, and share it with the world. Make your life here as bright and beautiful as an Autumn day.


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