My Best Man Speech

By Vlad • August 26, 2014

My brother was getting married and I was the best man of course. When he told me I needed to give a speech a few months ago... I freaked out. I didn't know what to say. I thought I would try to say something meaningful but I couldn't think of anything. So the ceremony goes on and they make it official. Pictures are being taken. Then we proceed to the dinner. So we start eating and the wedding coordinator whispers in my ear that we will start the speeches soon. Nervous as hell all the speakers get ready. I am the 3rd speaker. The brides father and uncle both gave really good speeches and I was next.

I grabbed the mic... sweating and heart racing. I gave my speech. I was so nervous I didn't even look anywhere in the crowd... just at my brother and his now happy wife... but the speech came out perfect. Everyone laughed at the jokes I didn't think were jokes and everyone felt the passion that my brother has for his wife. After the toast... people came up to me and said I had a great speech! People I didn't even know!

"Wow what a great speech", "Oh I just loved your speech!", "You had us all laughing so hard!", "Your brother really loves her I can tell."

It was awesome. And my brother continuously thanked me throughout the party about how great my speech was!


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