By Merlan • August 18, 2014

I've been away from my family for almost all the time of my life.I learn how to be dependent and live in my own way.I,ve been a scholar almost all of my student life from high school years until my college years.I always look forward towards my future and my family always keep me motivated and they encourages me.I remember one time that my mother.When i help her in farm she tried to talk to me stating that"you really need to strive more harder are the only hope to the family,your father and me are getting older and even we don't like it well end our lives at the time we don't know yet and i want you before that thing to happen i could see you raise your life successfully,.....were poor son and you are the only one who could help us.......we just look forward to the destiny your making for yourself..."

I was very touched when my mother talk to me at that way.....So i was more dedicated to study more harder until such time i passed the scholarship administered by nuns the sisters of mary school boystown which I really need to leave away from them for 4 years i accept the difficult challenges....I pass many difficulties that at the young age of 11 i need to be away from the persons whom i can lean on...I suffer from loneliness,homesickness,and other bullying inside the school which i bear them all happily and positively it's because i always put in my mind that i was there not for them but for my family and myself...i live with my own way and not the way they want me to be.

I finished studying there and receive a lot of skills regarding vocational training including IT and technical drafting.Which i know for sure could be a great help for me towards my future.But my life doesn't stop there I need to study college in order for me to be exactly professional so i loom for some scholarship that could send me there and i was so bless that i was one of those lucky students who pass the PASSARELLES NUMERIQUES scholarship and i study in the UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS one of those prestigious school in philippines.

Currently,I am taking the computer engineering course at USC .


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