She Laughed

By Mary Ramsis • August 4, 2014

She laughed and laughed. She kept on laughing for a very long time. Her laugh made her whole body shake. Each time they started to think she will stop laughing, she just took a deep breath then continued laughing even louder than before. Her laugh made some of them smile, others started to laugh, just by seeing her laughing so genuinely and without even knowing the reason behind her expression of happiness. Seeing the reflection of happiness just made them want to be happy themselves. They wanted to laugh, they needed to laugh and sometimes couldn’t find a reason to laugh, so she offered them an opportunity. The opportunity to stretch the face muscles and to make weird sounds and to express happiness, even if it is not really being felt. By expressing this happiness, they could taste it, even if for a short while.

Some people found it ridiculous that she laughed so much. They started to look at her as a crazy, or fake or shallow person. All they could do was trying to imagine why she could be laughing so much, but concluded that nothing on earth could make someone hysterically happy. Her expression of happiness triggered negative feelings inside of them. They couldn’t just ignore the sound of her laugh, but it annoyed them and they kept on complaining about the noise and criticizing her attitude.

She was unaware of the effect she’s having on people around her. She was just laughing, taking her breath to continue laughing. She was in the middle of the ecstasy, enjoying these moments to the maximum. These moments shaped her character, shaped her future and her attitude. These moments defined her and established her identity. These moments were the most valuable moments of her whole life. She was experiencing love, joy, peace and real happiness. She was hearing the jokes her Dad was telling her. The jokes she understood the most, the jokes that corresponded exactly to her character, the jokes that have been created just for her, to suit her sense of humor and to make her experience happiness, heavenly happiness. Her heavenly Father was just having some funny quality time with His daughter. And these moments had different effects on different people. But they had the most precious effects on her, who was really enjoying the company of her Father.


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