My Birthday Gift

By Yogi • May 30, 2014

I grew up with a father who was always away from home, always at his work, never had time for us because he was always working hard to get us the best life he could, he is the most generous and caring person you can ever meet, but simply we couldn’t feel it much since he was away.... years passed by and dad got older and he got sick, he started forgetting things, forgetting incidents, places, people... its been three years now, his situation is getting worse and worse, he is no longer working, no longer able to do anything by himself, from eating to dressing up to brushing his teeth, we now have a big baby in our house, what makes me sad is that when i was young i was never able to enjoy having him as a father, and now he is sick and i am not able to enjoy seeing him as well, at least seeing him like the picture i have in my mind...

yesterday it was my birthday and of course he couldn’t remember it, so my brother came up to him and asked him if he wished me a happy birthday and gave me money(he used to give us money for our birthdays when we were kids), Dad simply replied: 'No, i didn’t know it was her birthday', In the afternoon, mum caught him in the bedroom fetching with his pants pocket , she asked him what are you doing? he said i am looking for money to give it for her birthday gift:(,

Later that day when i came back from work, mum told me the story and i burst into tears:)

I realized that he doesn’t have to be like the picture in my head so i enjoy being around him, even if he is sick... it was simply the best birthday gift I have ever received


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