A Simple Wish

By Belle Jose • April 9, 2014

A lot of people ask gold, of glory, of honor. But for me, only a simple wish.

My heart is rapt in joyous ecstasy whenever I see the children playing under the sun, shouting and even screaming.Their voices seem like tiny bells that peal out in a symphony and every time they laugh I can hear the cherubim singing.

One time I had a conversation with one little girl age of five.She tells about the things around us. The flowers, the butterflies, the sun, the trees and other things that reached her sight. Maybe some of us get bored when talking to a child and think that those verses,those stories that she uttered are useless and non-sensible things. But for me,I am like listening to a pundit telling a new legend whenever I listen to a child telling her story.

The children are more curious, more intelligent than us older than they. We are only conscious to what the day may bring us. We just focus and concentrate on our own journey. We keep on searching and grabbing the things that will fulfill and make us happy. We keep on working and doing things that will make us known; we wanted to be praised and to be honored by other people. But are we satisfied with these things? Are we really happy with the way we live? No. Because if we could only see or notice the things that a child can see, we may experience the gladness that she feels when she talked on these non-sense things. These non-sensible things are those creatures notice only by a person whose heart is satisfied with what God has given to him.

So, If I could have only one wish to be granted, I wish to be a child again.


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