Ye I Walk Through The Valley Of Death, I Shall Fear NO Evil

By Combax • March 1, 2014

Another adventure, NOT one i want to repeat, but i felt NO Fear at anytime knowing i was wearing God's Power Armor in the Valley of Death.

My slightly inebriated friend HAD to get a beer from the local Mini-mart in my neighborhood. He wanted to walk there too (about a mile) and said the exercise would be good for us. I told him that it is not real wise to go strolling around my neighborhood at around 10 pm. We made it to the store without a hitch (all steep downhills too) and he got his beverage and i picked up a gallon of milk (my fave beverage)...As we headed back to my place......we made it to a main street which is across from a small park about 150 yards from the store we just visited. All of a sudden i hear 6 "pops" as i notice the muzzle flashes from the driver's side window of a car that was just down from the store we just visited. The car then took off and sped around the corner. Luckily the bullets never even came close to either one of us as we continued cautiously back to my place. I even told my friend i know the safe shortcuts back up the hill, but be prepared to run and follow me if needed. We were both still pretty calm and realizing that we were never in danger because our faith is so strong...and God had us in his "protective custody" so to speak......I had to share this.......The lesson is clear.


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