This Is Just Too Amazing Not To Share

By Bex • June 17, 2024

This is just too amazing not to share...

I posted on our local Moms page, asking for tips about patching up my son's carpentry tool belt where his chisel had made a hole. I have patched a lot, but nothing as heavy duty.

Amazing tips rolled in, but one insanely kind mom offered and insisted on helping my son out financially so he could replace the pouch. She understood having a tradesman husband and 3 older sons who had been through the same. We messaged in length and I was just speechless that someone would do such a thing. I struggle to ask for or accept help.

Today she messaged that she had paid for and left a voucher for $150 at our local tradesman tool shop (which was legit for anyone questioning).

This woman is an absolute godsend and I hope to pass on the kindness when in a position to.

I patch my son's gear because I am on my own with two teens, I am their number 1 fans and give my all, but struggle to afford the day to day these days.

I am just blown away at such kindness and want people to know that good people still walk among us.


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