A Peek Of Sunshine

By Joseph J. Mazzella • June 14, 2024

It was the last in a line of long, dreary, rainy days. I hadn’t seen the sun come out for more than a few moments for the better part of the week. Being a light lover this had left me feeling tired, rundown, and a bit grumpy. Even though I don’t usually pray about such things I asked God for just a peek of sunshine to brighten my day, warm my heart, and uplift my spirits.

I stopped by a local store to grab a bottle of vitamins. The line at the check out counter was four deep but I didn’t mind. At least it was bright and dry inside the store. I chatted for a few minutes with a middle aged lady in front of me with a cart full of diapers. I didn’t ask if she had a new baby at her age or was helping out a daughter or son with theirs, but her tired face looked like it had seen a few sleepless nights recently. When it was her turn she slowly pulled out some wadded, worn bills to pay for the diapers. She counted carefully and emptied out her wallet but was still about seventy cents short. I quickly grabbed my own wallet and threw a one dollar bill on top of hers. She turned her head and blessed me with a bright, beautiful, shining smile. She thanked me over and over again and I just smiled back and said: “You’re welcome.”

After she had left and I’d paid for my vitamins I walked outside. It had started to rain again but I didn’t mind. I knew that God in His infinite Love had answered my prayer. I had wanted a peek of sunshine and that is what I’d gotten in her smile. I felt energized, full of love, and ready to enjoy the day. I realized too that the sunshine in a soul is even brighter than the sunshine in the sky.

Some days in this life we are the only peek of sunshine that a person might get. Don’t keep yours hidden then. Let your love burn bright. Let God’s light shine through you. Let the goodness of your soul glow through every smile you share and everything you do.


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