I Witnessed The Most Wonderful Connected Parenting At My Local Target Recently

By A Friend • April 25, 2024

I witnessed the most wonderful connected parenting at my local Target recently.

A mum with 3 young children, the eldest appeared to be in prep and the youngest in a pram, were at the checkout after school. The middle child appeared to be purchasing a toy with their pocket money and the eldest had just realised they were not leaving with something just as magical.

Cue a disappointed response entirely appropriate of their developmental age.

Mum comforted and validated the eldest while also holding space for the middle child by not rushing them to make the purchase, allowing them to place the toy and money on the counter. Little one in the pram started to respond to the emotion of the eldest and Mum once again comforted but remained calm. The eldest was at no point shamed or punished for their emotion, they were given space to process it naturally.

It was such a joy to witness and required no interference from any of us waiting in line.


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