Nice Guys Finish First

By Joseph J. Mazzella • February 26, 2024

"Nice guys finish last!"

I have heard that phrase literally hundreds of times over the years. There was even a few times when I believed it myself. But if I ever need a reminder of just how false that line is then I only need to remember what happened to me recently.

It was a cold, overcast, gray and drizzly day. I had just finished taking my son to the sheltered workshop where he works a few days a week. Road work, however, had delayed me both ways and now I was running 20 minutes late. I still had a full day’s worth of work to do and was feeling a little stressed. I had to pick up a few things first at the local store before heading home. As I was checking out a couple asked me if I could give them a ride going back the way I’d already came. My stressed brain wanted to say: “no” but thankfully the better angels of my heart said: “yes.” They climbed in my car and I headed back down the road. During the trip we talked and laughed and after I dropped them off they thanked me for what I had done. As I turned the car around and headed back home I felt a warmth in my heart and a peace in my soul. I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw I was smiling without knowing it. Then for the first time that day the sun broke through the clouds and the heavens seemed to smile down on me as well. I may have been more behind schedule than ever but in that moment I felt I was right where I was meant to be.

When it comes to money, power, and fame in this world then it might be true that sometimes nice guys do finish last. But when it comes to the heart and mind of God, nice guys finish first. When you share love, when you help people, when you are kind and caring, when you freely give others your joy then you are doing God’s will here on earth. And when you do God’s will here on earth then you will always finish first both in your own soul and in the eyes of Heaven.


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