Your Kindness Has Made A Very Stressful Time So Much More Bearable, Thank You!

By Larnie • December 18, 2023

Quickly dashed into a large hardware/supply store around the corner from work as I desperately needed dog food. 20kg bag on sale, win number one!

Could only load onto the bottom piece of the trolley given it was too heavy. Paid and left. Struggled with the trolley, being mindful of the super busy car park. Stuck at the pedestrian crossing, not being let across, one man in a Commodore stopped and waved me through.

Win number two!

I smiled and said thank you in that awkward "they can't hear me from there but I'll over pronounce it with my mouth so they can see", way. Proceeded slightly downhill across the crossing until I smashed into the gutter as the trolley weight got the better of me.

I grinded the trolley all the way on the side gutter to my car, took a deep breath wondering how on earth I was going to lift it up to the boot. With steely resolve for my doggo at home, I bent down to get it.

The same man who let me through, appeared like a magician and said "no no, please let me lift that for you".

I burst into tears and said thank you at least 10 times and we wished each other a Merry Christmas. Such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. Before we waved goodbye, we laughed at the vision of me smashing into the gutter. Your kindness has made a very stressful time so much more bearable, thank you!


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