I Met A Man Today Who Had A Notebook Filled With Wishes He Asked From Random People Downtown

By A Friend • October 16, 2023

Friendliest man I've met in a long time.

I was out on break at work today and a man came up to me. Asked me what do I wish for? Then tossed a notebook at me that was filled with pages and pages of wishes. Like 29 pages both sides with an answer from every one he asked. He had been walking around the downtown area all day asking as many as he could the same question.

He said it sucks in a way because for everyone he talks to another few walk by that he can't ask but it's all worth it.

He said hes just needing to get out and be healthy (older gent) and that this seemed like the best way to interact and spread some good feels.

Definitely a moment I think I'll remember for a long time.

In a city/time where people don't often like strangers, this was very wholesome and a good reminder that strangers are just friends ya haven't met yet.

Hope everyone has as great a day as me and my man Terry.


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