The Power Of The Spoken Word From A Stranger

By Rose • September 25, 2023

I’m 77 years old and planning to walk at least 100 kms during October. To this end I am practicing on a daily basis.

We live in Qland but are currently in Adelaide - unfamiliar walking territory for me.

Today on my trek I came to a daunting climb. Half way up a beautiful young lady with a Canadian/American accent passed me. As I puffed my way up she said: “Good on you. Keep going you can do this.”

Just simple words that inspired me to tackle the next stage of the climb.

I had reached nearly to the top and she was on her way back down.

As she passed again she said: “You are amazing. This is extremely hard even for us fit people. Well done!”

This was all the encouragement I needed. Many, many sincere thanks to this young woman. You don’t know how inspiring your words were.

The picture shows the climb from about half way.


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