I Know His Dad Would Have Been Smiling, Trust Me His Son Was Too

By Jenny • September 21, 2023

My husband lost his father unexpectedly last month. His dad loved cars and wanted a Mustang, even when he could barely walk and no longer drive it was still the hot topic.

In his eulogy my husband thanked his dad’s work mate that had taken his dad for a cruise in his Supercharged Mustang.

Fast forward to the wake and we meet the guy. During our conversation we mention that for his dads birthday we were planning to rent a Mustang for the day (to do for him what he can’t do with him).

This guy offered us his car. He may have known the dad well, but he had never met us.

Last Saturday was his dads birthday and yes we spent the day cruising around in the same Mustang. It was an amazing day, all thanks to this guys generosity.

I know his dad would have been smiling, trust me his son was too.


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