It Was Such A Heartwarming Moment

By Pamela • July 18, 2023

This wonderful story was shared on Facebook by a couple who were dining at The Barn restaurant in the small town of Little Compton, Rhode Island.

"I don't post very often on Facebook, but felt this observation from a dining experience this morning was worthy of recognition. At about 10:30 this morning my husband and I were enjoying a delicious breakfast at the outdoor eating space at The Barn Restaurant in Little Compton when a group of three young men arrived and were seated nearby.

They were engaged in a light-hearted animated discussion when they noticed a middle-aged woman dining alone next to them. After a quick, quiet huddle, one of the gentlemen rose from his table and invited the woman to join them. You could tell she was caught off guard, but was ever so grateful for the invitation and agreed readily. The young man carried her dinnerware and utensils to his table as we witnessed greetings, smiles, and introductions all around.

It was such a heartwarming moment. I don't know who these young men are, but if you recognize them by this post you should be proud to call them your sons, grandsons, brothers, or friends. Their kindness and good deed did not go unnoticed."


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