Proud Momma Here

By Kelly • June 5, 2023

My beautiful 6 year old son told me not to come into the study yesterday as he was working on something. A little while later, he emerged, snuck into his room and shut the door. After a while, he came back out and went into our room.

He then came into the lounge room, where I was, and told me that there was something under my pillow and something under Dad‘s pillow but we can’t look at it until we go to bed. Fast forward to that night my husband and I go to get into bed , and we move the pillow and there’s an envelope under each of our pillows address to us. We opened up the envelopes and inside each one was a $20 note and a picture of a tiny rainbow. When we asked him about it, he told us that he wanted us to have the money to help us out if we needed it.

Bless his little cotton socks, he had gone into his own money box, and taken the money out of his savings to give to us.

He is such a thoughtful, caring little guy and although we don’t need the money at all and we have given it back to him, I love that he thought about helping us and didn’t hesitate to give some of his own savings to us.

Proud momma here.


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