This Fantastic Act Of Unquestionable Kindness Blew Me Away

By A Friend • April 5, 2023

Yesterday my wife and I with my 6 year old German Shepherd were on our way home from a family/pet day out.

About 10 or so kilometers out of Warragul my car broke down with a split intercooler hose bringing our trip home to an abrupt holt.

I am lucky enough to have Gold Card RACV cover so booked a tow truck to get my car home

While we were waiting for the tow truck to arrive, a bloke named Dave & his son (didn't get his name) asked if there was anything they could do to help? I explained that I'd rang RACV and they would be about an hour or so away. Dave then asked how I was going to get my wife and dog home and I said I hadn't thought that far ahead yet. With that Dave and his son graciously offered to take them safety home while I waited for the tow truck.

This fantastic act of unquestionable kindness blew me away.

So Dave and " Son" who by the way is only an "L" plate driver, if you get to read this please accept my most profound appreciation and we wish every kind of happiness to you both for your entire futures.

Kindest regards,

Wolfman, Barb and Zeus.


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