I Thought I Might Add A Story Here From A Few Years Ago

By Ross • March 16, 2023

I was homeless, literally sleeping out. I had my spot, relatively safe spot.

One morning I got up, sat at the bench close by to where I slept and people wpuld be walking by on their way to work, well this kind man approached me and sat by me. He spoke with me awhile about my situation then proceeded to offer me a coffee from the Cafe just around the corner, he bought me a coffee we had a cigarette together and he went on his way.

Each morning he did the same, stop by with a coffee for him and I and we'd talk, in the time I was there and knew him he introduced me to a female friend of his whom gave me some weekend work now and then, time passed and at Christmas he bought me a large pouch of tobacco and some cash, told me he retiring from his position and bid me farewell.

My time on the street came to an end soon after this and of it wasn't for the kindness of this gentleman and few other people tbh throughout this period of my life I don't know how well I would have gone, it was because of these gestures and the positivity that I was able to afford myself positive vibes and pick myself up.

I'm honestly forever grateful for this man and grateful for the lessons I learned about life and humanity during some of my darkest times.


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