Rainy Day Big Smiles

By Leann Freedom • March 8, 2023

We had some rainstorms recently in Southern California. It is a rare occurrence and when it does happen I can’t help to think about those who have no home to go to who have to stay all night and day out in the elements.

I was out with my kids and they requested donuts from a local shop that we frequent. Often times there are hungry folks outside so sometimes asking for coffee or a dollar.

On my way in I counted 4 people sitting outside who appeared to have had a rough night. Temperatures were down in the high 30s and the rain was heavy and icy winds through out the night.

As I walked to my car I decided I would spare $20 and give each person I saw $5 to get something to eat. When I looked into my wallet I saw I had 3 $5 Bills and 5 $1 Bills . As I walked over to the folks spread out infront of the shop I realized a man on a bike blocked my view of a lady sitting next to a man on the ground. I apologized for not seeing her and told her I hope her boyfriend could share with her.

When I got to the last person I gave him the 5 in $1 .

Everyone was so great full for the money and had a huge smile on there face. As I walked to the car I saw the gentlemen I handed the 5 in $1 s to walk over to the lady and hand her a couple bucks. She was so happy and thanked him and said he didn’t have to do that.. and he said that’s what we do, we look out for each other.

That brought a huge smile on my face!

As I walked into my car where my children sat cozy eating there donuts my eldest asked me what that was all about. I explained to him the scenario I saw play out and he too had a huge smile on my face.

Little sweet gestures can go such a long way.


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