Restored My Faith In Humanity And Made My Day

By Teagan • January 9, 2023

Had a not-so-nice end to a beach day at Byron after being stung $120 for unknowingly reverse parking in a carpark at Clarke’s beach (instead of parking front-in) at a separate carpark area which I hadn’t realised had specific parking requirements enforced by the council.

After I received the fine, my partner had caught and notified a few others that had also accidentally made the same mistake and a few moments later, a man came back with a $50 note to thank him and help me pay off my fine I received earlier.

The man was a Byron local and hadn’t realised that particular carpark had specific ways of parking, and simply said “you’ve saved me a fine in the future. I hope this helps”.

Well and truly restored my faith in humanity and made my day just that much brighter. There are such good people in this world and the generosity and random act of kindness from a complete stranger today is something I’ll never forget.


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