I Stopped On My Way Into Town Today As This Little One Was Going Alongside A Busy Road

By Ickiv • October 31, 2022

I stopped on my way into town today as this little one was going alongside a busy road with not many places to go. I had pulled over to the side of the road with my hazard lights on as I also had not much room.

Most people just drove around me but one gentleman pulled over on the other side of the road to make sure I was ok in the first instance. Together we worked out a plan and carried out a relocation plan to put the echidna where there was a bit more space on the other side of the road.

Thank you for stopping to make sure I was ok and to hopefully save the life of the echidna.

We have so much wildlife where we live in Tasmania but seeing an echidna is still a reasonably rare thing. It's was a pretty special encounter.


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