Amazing Big Bro

By Leanne • September 19, 2022

I have a family of 5,2 boys one girl.

My oldest son is 12 and his name is Siddhartha. He is so amazingly kind, especially to his little bro.

Ryder is 8 and has moderate autism. Time and time again I see Sidd, literally willing to take the shirt off his back for his little brother.we were at the beach the other day and when Ryder gets out of the water he wants to instantly get out of wet clothes. Our car was parked quite a ways away and I had no clothes with me for Ryder. He will not wrap a towel around, so Sidd offered his shirt off his back so Ryder could be covered and warm on our way back to the parking lot.

It is quite a blessing to have such a kind young man for a son. At 12 years old he finds time and clever ways to play with his 2 year old sister too. Sidd is truly an amazing young man and I hope that there are more and more children in the world with an intact heart of gold.


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