Gas Station Kindness

By Madeline • May 23, 2022

About a week ago I was filling our car with Petrol & happened to notice the woman in the car next to mine. She had 3 young children in the car and I saw her fuel bill was only $15 - my first thought was “gee she must be doing it tough”.

When I went in to pay for my Petrol I noticed she was still waiting for someone to transfer funds so she could pay for hers. I quietly asked the cashier if I could please pay for her Petrol (anonymously). The cashier wouldn’t allow me to! She asked in disbelief “do you know her?” I said “No, just wanting to do a random act of kindness.”

I then had to ask the lady whose Petrol I wanted to pay for if she would allow me to. She wanted to give me a hug and was so shocked and overwhelmed.

I’m not relaying this story to big note myself. What I did notice was the impact my small act had on the cashier, the 3 or 4 people who were queuing behind me to pay for their Petrol & the woman herself. Everyone was smiling and it really seemed to make a difference in that moment for people’s day. It really reinforced for me how one small act of kindness really can have ripples in many directions.


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