The True Treasure

By Joseph J. Mazzella • April 4, 2022

The television this morning was hyping some new adventure movie about the hunt for a treasure ship full of gold. It reminded me of all the other movies just like it I had seen over the years. Later in the day I was at the gas station in line to pay for a filling up my car when the guy in front of me traded a handful of cash for a handful of hope in the form of Lotto tickets.

Where did this desire for treasure come from? I know I myself am guilty of it. As a boy I would walk in the woods and daydream of finding buried treasure there. Then as an adult I would fantasize about some unknown relative leaving me a fortune or of my two self-published books miraculously becoming best sellers. Maybe we all just think that having a lot of money will solve all of our problems and make our lives easy, happy, and perfect. Of course when I see all the rich and famous people on television I can see that they aren’t that happy and that they have their own unique set of problems.

Maybe the real problem is that we are all looking for the wrong treasure. There really is a true treasure out there that will make our lives so much better and the most amazing thing of all is this treasure is absolutely free. This treasure is GOD’S LOVE. God loves us all so much and when we invite His Love into our hearts and lives we become rich, our days are filled with smiles, and our lives are full of joy. When we have God’s Love inside us the problems of this life lose their power over us and while our lives may not be perfect, they are happy.

The true treasure of life is already inside of you. You just need to open the chest and spend it like crazy. And the funny thing is the more you share it with others, the more of it you have within yourself. Embrace God’s Love for you then. Share it with the world. It is a treasure that does not decay or disappear. It is a treasure that lasts forever.


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