So This Happened To Me Today. Tears Are Still Flowing

By Narelle • December 15, 2021

So this happened to me today. Tears are still flowing

Came out from work today after doing some shopping, put it in the car, put the trolley away. Jumped in the car and sat for just a bit, the lady who was sitting in the car in front of mine in the car park gets out of her car and holds up her hand, to say wait a sec. So I did.

She would of been in her 80's, finally makes her way to my window and says to me, "I would just like to let you know you are doing a fabulous job and you are enough".

OMG, the tears flowed! I don't know this lady, haven't seen her in the shop before. But really needed to hear that, I'm exhausted and feeling a bit down.

So whoever you are kind lady, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You, my lady are a queen lifting another queen up when she so needed it.


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