I Just Had THE Best Thing Happen To Me

By Marsha • December 14, 2021

I just had THE best thing happen to me.

A man came to my door and was calling my name. He said "have you lost a wallet?" And in his hand was my wallet. I had no idea it was missing. It’d apparently slid off the top of my car into the middle of a very busy 3 lane road. He saw a car drive over it and noticed a $5 note fly out of it. He did a u-turn at the next traffic light and went back, stopped in the middle of the road and picked it up.

After finding my address on my licence, he delivered it to my door.

I was beside myself. It had cash, my credit cards, Medicare card, Private Health Insurance card, licence and a myriad of other things.

Can you imagine! I wanted to get his contact details and he wouldn’t give them to me.

He kept saying over and over, "I know what it’s like having to replace all those things".

He’d travelled from NSW to Brisbane this morning and was on his way back.

I am pretty gobsmacked and ridiculously grateful. All he gave me was his name "John".

Best Xmas present ever.

What a man John is.


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