I Witnessed A Real Life Angel

By A Friend • August 9, 2021

I’m a cashier at a grocery store and the other day I had a mother and her 4-5 year old daughter in my line. An elderly woman comes up to the little girl and asks if she has a doll. She says yes, and then the older woman asks if she would like a bed for her doll. She said yes, again. As the older woman is walking out to her car the mother started tearing up and told me that their house burnt down two weeks ago and that they lost everything including all of the kids toys. She also said they had just left trauma therapy before coming to the store.

Once the older woman walked back in with the doll bed the mother gave her a hug, thanked her, then told her about their house burning down. The mother told her that she has another daughter and that both the girls will enjoy sharing the doll bed. Then the old woman goes, “Oh, you have TWO girls? I’ll go get you another one.” After the mother said she didn’t have to do that. The woman insisted and brought her another one. I have no idea why this woman had a bunch of handmade doll beds in her car, but is was absolutely at the right place at the right time and made this family’s day. Meanwhile, both the mother and I are crying while I’m bagging her groceries.


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