Right Place At The Right Time

By Bryan • February 6, 2012

Today I was taking my puppy outside to go to the bathroom while I was at work and there was a couple walking out of the courthouse. I work right across the street from the courthouse and am allowed to take my dog to work with me.

They came around the corner and saw the puppy and both of them immediately had their spirits raised. The happiness the puppy brought them was noticeable. Little after petting her, they told me how they got a lot of bad news in court and could tell they were not going to have a good day.

After talking for a minute, they asked me if I knew a pro bono lawyer, since they were not too familiar with the area and didn't have money for a lawyer. Well for my last job I happened to work for the State Bar and they had a pro bono department in house. I gave them the website and contact information and they were so gracious. They asked me, not expecting an answer, but I gave them exactly what they needed. The wife looked at me and said I feel like this was a sign and they went on their way, thanking me over and over as they walked away for making their day.

All I was doing was taking my puppy out to the bathroom. You just never know...


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