A Light In The Storm

By Joseph J. Mazzella • July 5, 2021

A series of massive thunder storms had battered our area recently. Heavy rains, high winds, hail, and lots of lightening had caused flash flooding, knocked down tree limbs and even toppled trees. I had spent the afternoon picking up branches out of my yard and tossing them away. Then just before I was getting ready to take my dogs for their last walk of the day the warnings came on my television and over my phone that another of these storms was headed our way.

I quickly took my dogs outside. Huge, menacing clouds were rolling in while thunder boomed over the hills. I knew that the stars were shining and the man in the moon was smiling up there somewhere but I certainly couldn’t see them. The darkness seemed darker and scarier than usual because I knew what was on the way. That was when I saw it. The tiniest blink of light, up high, at the far end of the meadow behind my house. I smiled. The first of the fireflies had appeared for the Summer at just the time I needed to see his light. Soon a few others were blinking their lights as well. It amazed me how far their light traveled in the darkness of the night and how they didn’t seem bothered at all by the approaching storm. I spent an extra few minutes watching my lightening bug buddies and taking in their message of light before heading in to get ready for the storm. As I did, though, I noticed that the darkness no longer seemed so scary and that my fear had been replaced with joy.

Life does have its share of storms, some caused by nature and some caused by us. We can’t go through life being scared of them, however. God put us here to shine our light. God put us here to share our love. God put us here to ride through the storms, clean up after them, and make this world a better place. Take a lesson from the fireflies then. Let your light shine. It may seem tiny but you will be amazed at how far it can be seen and how easily it can drive the dark away.


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