Simple Simple Simple

By Joseph J. Mazzella • May 18, 2021

After over a decade of faithful service my old desktop computer finally died. It simply wouldn’t start. With no computer repair places open my daughter talked me into purchasing a new laptop to replace it. What followed was two days of pure frustration. It was like going from driving an old Model T Ford to flying the Space Shuttle.

After my daughter set it up I looked for the old e-mail program I used to use only to find that it wasn’t on this model. When I tried to download the older version again it wouldn’t work. I spent the next day talking to 4 different technical assistance people to no avail. I also had a terrible time downloading my old word processing program again. Then there was the difficulties of transferring all of my old stories that I had saved on a jump drive. The laptop computer’s fancy new programs were an icon minefield that I had to navigate. Each time I accidentally touched one of them it changed everything on my screen and I had to work hard to figure out how to change them back. In the end I had screwed up the settings so badly that I asked my daughter to do a reset so we could start over. Finally after two days I think we have set up the new computer to do the few simple things I need it to do so I can ignore the thousand other functions that I have no use for. I only hope it will work as long and faithfully as my old desktop did.

One thing I did learn from all of this is that when it comes to computers and life I want to keep things simple, simple, simple. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and rush to my devices. Instead I want to pet my dogs, take them outside, and watch the sun slowly rise over the mountains here. I want to spend my time hugging my children, talking to my friends, and praying to God. I want to feel the heartbeat of nature and the Love of our Heavenly Father. I want to live my days slowly, deliberately, and sacredly. I want to spend my time and my talents making this world work better not faster.

Life is simple. Love is simple. It is we who make things complicated. Take some time today then to turn off your electronics and turn on your heart. Be a person not a program. Be yourself not your “Selfie”. Fill your days with Purpose, your years with Happiness, and your life with Love.


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