31 Months Ago I Was Obese At My Wits End

By A Friend • October 15, 2020

Over 31 months ago I stumbled upon a video called along the lines of "The Why a 100 miles" by Billy Yang. I remember clicking on it and being moved so much to the point where I told myself that I wanted to run a 100 miles too as it was such a moving video.

Dozens of times I tried to lose weight and it got to the point where I truly believed that I would spend the remaining days as obese, I just simply lacked control over myself and indulges.

But change is inevitable.

It hasn't been easy in pursuing this dream I've hit so many walls in this journey, however a bit over a week ago I ran my first ultra at a distance of 63.3 km (39.3 miles) finishing it in 6:11:40 hours.

I still haven't achieved my ultimate goal, but now I'm closer to my goals than I have ever been before.


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