I'm An Old Married Dude, And I'm Getting Adopted

By A Friend • February 28, 2020

My dad is the only "dad" I have known for my entire life. He and my mom got married when I was 1, and as such I even have his last name. Things were easier in the past (especially in a small town), so all my ID, bills, legal documents, even my social security and DD214 have his last name.

He taught me to hunt, fish, build things, and how to be a good husband and father. He gave me my work ethic, fostered my curiosity of the world, and taught me compassion. He made sure I knew the value of a dollar, and what responsibility really meant.

Most importantly, I was never anything but his son.

When I married my wife, he was my best man. She shares his surname. My youngest son is named after him.

Obviously, we get along. I live quite a ways away and I talk to him almost daily.

However, my birth certificate has another last name. I know my "father", but I want and have nothing to do with him.

Today, out of the blue, my dad called up and asked if he could adopt me. He said he always wanted to, but they never had the extra money when I was growing up. He kept apologizing over and over for not having done it sooner. We're a stoic bunch, and I could hear him getting a little choked up. He said he was a little worried that I wouldn't want to, especially after all these years.

I told him he's been my dad in every way I can think that matters for as long as I know. I also told him I would like that very much.

There is zero legal, social or other imperative to do this. He just wants to. I want to as well.

Now, I just wait for some paperwork from a lawyer.

This is literally the best thing that has happened to me in the last decade.


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