Christmas Cookies

By Kay Heitsch • December 11, 2019

My Mom came from a family of 14 children. Christmastime wasn't always the best. However, there was a man, who went out of his way, to make the day special.

Over the years my Mom talked about how this man would come out on Christmas and bring candy to her and her brothers and sisters. Mom never forgot his kindness. I believe because of the kindness shown to her at Christmastime Mom made it a point to do special things for the less fortunate.

Mom was a great baker and she did bake cookies, but she wanted a variety to give away. There was a lady in town who made and sold cookies. Mom would place an order and when the cookies were ready we would go over and pick them up. I well remember the wonderful smell of cookies when she opened the door. After we had the cookies I'd help Mom divide them up on plates and we would deliver them.

One summer we went back to Mom's hometown. As I remember, she bought some flowers and candy. We then drove over to the house of the person who had given her candy on Christmas so many years before. Mom knocked on a large wooden door. An elderly, frail man answered. Mom introduced herself and thanked him for the kindness he had shown her family so many years before. Then she handed him the flowers and candy as she gave him a hug.

I'm thankful I had a Mom who taught me to give. I may have been an only child, but I was always giving toys, etc away to children who had less than I did. She taught me, It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35.

kayAbout the author: Kay is the mother of three children and grandmother of two. Her oldest son Todd was killed instantly in a car accident when he was 16. It was shortly after Todd's death that she entered into a personal relationship with God. From that day on her life has taken a radical change for the better.

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