I Became Allergic To Antibiotics But Spirituality Saved Me!

By Kyra Kerr • October 17, 2019

Hello All,

I’m currently going through a rare 82 day transit I spiritually awakened on the 15 Aug 2019 and that was the best day of my life, the first thing I saw when my third eye unexpectedly opened was a pink lotus flower. I’m 21yrs old and have discovered I am a Claircognizance, Clairsentience, clairvoyant, medium and also I have saw myself twice in 2 different dimensions.

It’s absolutely amazing and everything I dreamed of I was always the child asking questions about why humans are here that there was more to life and that I felt like there was an important reason I was here.

I have spoken to other psychics and spirituals and they tell me they see me spreading the joys of consciousness and spirituality around the world that’s my only passion I have never wanted to do anything else other than understand who I truly am and now that I do I am so happy because it all makes sense the universe and my angels respond to me I feel pure love and abundance. I never lost my faith I always star gazed had a longing for home.

I have sickle cell anemia & pica eating disorder (I had heart disease,asthma) . Sickle cell disease is only found in Afro/Caribbean. I am allergic to antibiotics after taking them for 18 years my skin is covered in scars and still have not faded after 3 years I lost all faith because every tablet I was given gave me blisters and scars but now I find that natural resources are more suited for my body. Spirituality saved me and I love my body! Just because it looks different to other bodies doesn’t mean I’m an outcast I embrace my uniqueness. I feel love for everything in life I am blessed and messages from my angels and universe constantly listening and supporting me.

Guys if you ever been through a similar experience and feel down please remember good things take time you will soon love and cherish yourself.

Thank you for reading my story x


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