My Clock Says

By Sonia Kaur • September 9, 2019

My clock says your life is moving. Time is gliding and never come back. This time will never return. Do something worth. Make the most of it. This is the good or bad habit of time that it passes away and never stops for anyone Whether it is good or bad. Whatever work you have do it today you never know, tomorrow will come or not.

My clock says I am in your favour as long as you are alive. You will only come to know my value when I pass away. So come lets waste our time in thinking how can we utilize our time. Lets try to think the value of time. I will see my watch and try to listen what it is trying to say.

My clock is saying common get up, what are you waiting for? What you can do right now, you can’t do afterwards? When I think my heart says you are a visa processing incharge just go to youtube and watch all the vedios, enhance your knowledge. Why to wait for that moment to come which teaches you lets come and try to make that moment.

Time is very precious sometimes I comes to take someone with him. We never realize but when it passes away and then we come to know that what we have lost in our life. So please value everything in your life. Value every relation. First be thankful for what you have then expect rest of the things.

Once a person asked time, why you always win and we human beings defeat? Time replied, “You always stop and I keep on walking that is why I win and you defeat. Go with the flow of time. Try to accept life as it comes.

Whenever you see your watch, it always says something. Right now when I saw my watch it was saying to me, stop writing now it is the time to work. Bye and see you guys soon. Have a great time. May god bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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