The Magic Flower

By Aida Fedenia • May 20, 2019

Me and my mom lived on the street. I loved to pick flowers.

One day i was walking to the retail store and i saw a a bright blue flower with a little purple. So as i always do, I picked it. I went home and showed it to my mom.

That night I slept with the flower because it gave me this good feeling inside. I always wished before bed that one day we would live in a nice big family house, my mom would find a dad, we would have a dog, 2 nice cars, a little sister, and that we would have a good amount of money.

That night when I wished, the flower lit up into a very bright light. The next day i went to my mom crying.

I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing, i just got my paycheck and it is worth 300,000 dollars. That's enough to buy a house i thought.

Then i thought of the flower. It had to be. Three weeks later we moved in to a big house and we had a little goldendoodle.

I kept the flower in a vase on my desk just in case.


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