A Wagon Will Do

By Rick • March 12, 2019

For weeks I worked repairing the outside of a run down home and kept noticing the same man riding an old bike pulling a make shift cart, often filled with cans and junk.

Eventually his bike broke, and for days I saw him struggling to walk the bike and loaded cart up and down the road.

I asked if I could help by fixing his bike (it was beyond repair).

I noticed he had some sort of disability, but his respect for others, kindness and humility shown more brightly. He politely declined, saying he was happy walking. I insisted and showed him a picture of a garden wagon I could get him for his heavy loads.

He didn't want to impose, but I saw his eyes light up at the picture. He finally accepted my offer.

Finding he lived with his mother, I delivered the wagon there.

They were delighted far beyond what little I did for him.

Each day he came by with his wagon load, at a brisk pace, we smiled and waved.

I don't know about his load, but my heart was much lighter.


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