My Boss 'mommed' Me And Ill Never Forget It

By A Friend • January 28, 2019

I don't often eat lunch at work, and tend to just work through the day and eat dinner when I get home.

I was having a bad day, it was around 4pm and I was struggling to make things happen. My boss, a wonderful lady, saw this and said "you ok?”. I said yeah, I'm just struggling a little right now because of x, y, and z.

Then she did something that shocked me, she said "Did you eat lunch?"

Me: "No"

Her: "Here, have some grapes" as she hands me a bag of grapes she had left from lunch.

That bag of grapes changed my day, and in turn changed my life at least a little.

She literally mommed me. Gave my 28 year old self a snack and a juice box and it was the most caring thing I've ever had a boss do.


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