My Office Gave Me A Christmas Miracle

By A Friend • January 5, 2019

I have been struggling as a single mom for a while. I got sober almost two years ago after a short relapse following 5 years of sobriety. I got a new job as an office manager for a real estate office almost 7 months ago and I love my job. I go there and give 110% every day.

Things had been going well until a couple months ago. My kids' dad disappeared. Ended up going down a bad path of drugs with already compromised mental health. He barely gave me any child support before but there has been nothing lately.

Then my youngest daughter's daycare raised their prices. Then I had some medical issues that racked up some hefty bills. Then my car died and I had no choice but to get a loan and buy a new one. Payments have been deferred until February and I've been constantly worrying how I'm going to make it work.

Long story short, Christmas has been stressing me out. I just want my two girls (ages 3 and 6) to have a good Christmas. I have been constantly worrying how I'm going to afford it. It's been keeping me up at night. They have been through a lot lately and I want nothing more than to not worry about getting supplies to make cookies, put some presents under the tree (well afford a tree as well) and see them smile when they open their gifts from Santa.

I have been working extra lately to make it all work.

Then on Thursday we had an office holiday party. I had a hellish week. I had to onboard 5 new agents, plan the party, and deal will all my normal responsibilities and year end reports. I am the entire office staff. Me. Taking care of 85 agents.

Well I set up the party and they were all having a blast, I had to stay downstairs to watch the front desk as we were still open. One of the agents called me upstairs and had someone else come down to cover for me.

They clinked a glass and made everyone be quiet. They handed me a card and wished me a Merry Christmas and said the most amazing things about how much they appreciated me and how much I do for the office.

They have no idea what is going on in my personal life and how much I have been struggling lately.

I open the card and it's full of hundred dollar bills. I couldn't believe it. It won't solve all my problems but it will certainly help so much to help me have a wonderful Christmas and get back on track with bills.

I am so appreciative and can't believe they would do something so thoughtful for me. I cried my eyes out on the way home from work that day.

Just needed to get that out. I have only been able to see the negative in the world lately and this has really helped me turn that around and see there is plenty of positive. There are people out there that care!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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