Love Is Your Natural Vibration!

By Karen Tysver • December 9, 2013

“When the solution is simple. God is answering.” ~ Albert Einstein

Our energy, our very personal vibration reflects who we are. It is who we are. Whatever vibrational frequency we are currently at, whether it is of love or fear, is what the universe is vibrating back to us. It’s that simple. Knowing this, it only makes sense to vibrate at the frequency of love! Love does not need an object. Love just is. You can feel love when you are all alone. You can feel love in a huge crowd of strangers. Love is an energy. It does not need a receiver. You are the transmitter. You are the source. Love, gratitude, abundance are all of your own wonderful positive energies.

Feel them. Explore how wonderful those emotions feel. As you realize the positive influence these thoughts have on your emotions, as well as the well being of all with whom you come into contact, it will simply initiate more positive thoughts and interactions. More positive emotions will follow. The universe will have trouble keeping up with you!

We can use our power to change our lives and change the world. We can have anything we desire. That is how powerful we are. Start to see the life you want and start to see the world in which you wish to live. Know that wish is a reality! FAITH in your ability to effect change simply by transforming your energy is the KEY to your power. Words are stronger than thoughts and actions are stronger than words. They all carry power, but it starts with our thoughts. That’s why being mindful of our thoughts is so important. (Notice how I repeat that concept, it’s the simple path to happiness!)

Think about your energy. When does it feel the most intense? If you’re like me it’s when you’re feeling a strong emotion. Emotion will always increase the strength of your vibration, whether good or bad. When you imagine something, or are practicing your visualizations, use the power of your amazing emotions and get things moving at a more rapid pace!

If you did nothing but feel love all the time your energy would attract the pinnacle of happiness. The highest frequency brings the best life. The feeling of love increases your happiness just as it is! It’s not rocket science! It’s quantum physics. Perception of your world makes a huge difference! Perceive goodness and love.

Truly see how divine you are. Know your inheritance. Feel the love, the love that is yours, the love that you are.

I love these affirmations:

All you need is love.

I am in control of my emotions and use them to bring me happiness.

The universe recognizes my desires and works quickly to realize them.

I see a world saturated in love.

I treat all beings with love and respect.

Love is all you need.

See all people you meet as loved ones. Extend love and respect to them all.

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