When I Believe

By Marilyn Lucero • October 24, 2018

"5 pm, ma'am."

"What? My baby can no longer wait for that! Can you please ask the personnel a favor to make it earlier? "

My 3 month-old-baby was already very weak and gasping. His abdomen became larger and larger in each hour that passed by. Three days ago, we brought him for admission at the hospital where I worked due to several projectile vomiting . I knew the danger of dehydration very well because there were already countless patients of this case that we had encountered.

But it was not a simple dehydration as I expected . It held a bigger unknown threat that needed immediate surgical intervention. But before the pediatric surgeon could figure out what would be the best approach since ultrasound and x-rays failed to reveal the problem, he ordered a CT Scan of the Whole Abdomen with Contrast. The said procedure was scheduled at one of the most famous and big hospital of the city since our own hospital did not have it yet.

Everything about him suddenly became so erratic including his laboratory results. Life saving devices were already prepared inside our room. I knew that his chance of survival became very thin. And I was afraid that my child could not wait for another few hours if no intervention would be given.

"Ma'am, we are so blessed. His schedule is moved to 3pm so it would be now less than an hour to prepare. "

I was relieved but another much bigger problem than the schedule arose. I did not have the money needed. I did not have even the money for taxi fare and hospital downpayment, in the first place, when we came here. We just borrowed it from a friend who was one of the two persons in my contact list that responded to my plea to lend me the money I needed at that time.

I only had few minutes left then. I asked for a vacant room and there I rolled down and cried while I asked Him for a miracle to provide me ways right then. I also remembered myself asking for signs that if He will provide right then, then it meant that my baby would also survive. What use would that procedure be if my son would not survive.

As soon as I got up from my niece, my cellphone suddenly beep continuously.

"Ms. /Mr. Lucero, please claim your money remittance through... "

And one after another, I received different messages telling me to get the money they sent for my baby.

I began to wonder where they knew about my son. There were only two who responded in that message. The first one, lent us the money and the other refused kindly as she was also in financial setbacks.

I had the money then in less than an hour! Not only for the CT Scan but for our immediate needs during our whole hospital stay!

I was so awed at how God arranged all the incidents in our lives to come up for blessings that He Has prepared ahead of us! But most of all for the first sign that He has shown me, that my baby shall live!


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