A Story About One Of The Most Amazing Women I Have Ever Met

By Amos • October 13, 2018

Her name is Lynne, I first met Lynne through an animal rescue my wife and I volunteer for, Lynne is the cat coordinator but also basically runs the rescue, her house is always full of cats in need of homes and she routinely does collections of food, picks up more cats in need etc this in itself is a full time job (all volunteered no payment) but that's not all, Lynne doesn't just foster animals she also fosters babies too until they find a permanent family, she does this with the help of her adopted daughter (yes she's a parent too) and again as if this wasn't enough, she makes her income as a sign language interpreter.

I've met some amazing people in my life but none quite like her and I feel like she deserves some recognition for everything she does. It shows you that human decency isn't dead and there are still good people in this world.


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