Kid Helps Me Find My Rolex

By Kyle • October 8, 2018

Some friends and I went hiking to a waterfall swimming hole today.

We get out there and endure the initially very cold waters and climbing boulders to jump off of. We're having a great time and about an hour in I realize my watch has come off. I'm like oh shiiiiiiite! I start scanning the river bottom through the intermittent rays of good sunlight but after an another hour I'm starting to realize it's going to stay lost until I bring out some diving gear(it's cold enough to lose your breath very quickly and hard see in shady spots).

A family overheard my buddies and I talking about it, "that sucks man", "we'll come back out", ect.... They offer me some goggles to make it easier to see down at the bottom. I look for a while until the father calls his teenage son over, "he's a great swimmer, he'll help you". I'm like even more grateful at this point because stay under in the cold water was getting rough.

He searches for 10 minutes and finds my watch!!! I thank him and his father several times and relief like a wave rushes over me.

I will be eternally grateful to that family.


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