Boring Wilson

By Janice G. Alcones • August 2, 2018

Banana is the favourite fruit of my middle child and one of the 2 fruits he ate together with grapes.

When I came home from work last Monday he mentioned that a kid in school called him Ba-na-na!

I kept on guessing why he was associated with Banana while he was not eating it in school. He then told me because of his jacket with a yellow hue.

Everyday, by 6am my son and I were already waiting for his school bus. I would let him wear his jacket given by my beloved brother in law and sister in law as christmas gift. It was dear to me because it was given by special people in our lives and because of its lightweight material, it is just right for him to wear inside the cold bus for more or less an hour travel. Sometimes because of its light material he forgot to take it off when arrived at school. He was wearing it to school everyday for 1 year and 7 months until this incident name calling happened. It broke my heart to learn my son is hurting so i bring out his another new jacket which i reserve for his primary 3.

When i brought it out, he smiled. And the next day, i am looking forward to hear his story after class. He was excited to tell everyone at home that the kid stopped calling him banana but came up with another name as black panther and boring wilson.

He wore the new jacket for 4 days this week and happier with his new name black panther / boring wilson.

Because even though he was tagged as boring kid, he knows in his heart that he has many jackets of different colors to choose from and most of all, he has a family who loves him dearly. Others may see him a boring one but to us he is our sunshine!

The names people give us, out of love or otherwise, ultimately don't define us. Everyone has much deeper than what he wear.


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