Hitchhiking In New Zealand

By A Friend • June 25, 2018

I was hitchhiking in New Zealand. I obviously wanted to get from one city to another but didn't quite make it. Went with 3 different cars and only went like 50 minutes worth of driving in total (2 1/2 hour drive in total). After the the third car let me out I went to the main road leading out of town and held up my sign again. It started raining and after about 15 minutes a car pulled up and I already thought that I may make it today. But the guy told me they were locals and asked me if I want to come to their place and have some coffee and I agreed.

When arriving at their place I already noticed that they weren't really in a good financial situation. They had children, a wive, his brother I think and his grandfather. They gave me cake and tea and talked with me for about 1 or 2 hours. After that he told me that I could leave now if I want to but he actually offered me to just stay the night. I agreed of course. They gave me dinner and everything and tons of tea :D

I left the next morning and left them a note thanking them for welcoming me like that. I know it sounds cheesy but this kinda fulfilled the stereotype that people who don't have much often give the most..


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