By Alley • June 21, 2018

I was just reading a story about a woman who was stressed about Caterpillars in her trees. I wish I had those problems. As a struggling single mom who lives in Los Angeles, my minimum work weeks are 60 hours just to put food on the table, my car was just demolished my a stranger in a parking lot who did not leave a note on my 19 year old car that is barely drivable and my home is falling apart (I need new everything) to read about this woman whos biggest battle was too many caterpillars in her beautiful backyard filled with many trees who had a wonderful husband who was encouraging her on her crusade made me not only enviable of this woman's life but made me think about changing my own. I wish I lived in an area that was not made entirely of concrete and that most of my community spoke English and I pray daily for a home with a backyard so my daughter can play and I pray for my uncooperative ex-husband to not be a deadbeat Dad. I pray for a backyard full of Caterpillars.


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